About Me

Information is a component of communication in general. At least when described, in the communication process there are at least three main elements, namely communicators, communicants, and messages. This message is what we can then call information. Similarly, if we have discussed other forms of communication such as mass communication. In it, there is also the process of exchanging or delivering information, only involving individuals in greater numbers. Seeing information becomes so important as a component of communication, it is no wonder that we need to identify anything that can be a function of the information:

– New knowledge
The first function of information in mass communication is to provide new knowledge in a broad scope. The scope of mass communication is usually general so it will be easier to provide new knowledge effectively.

– Give a certain influence
Information can also give a certain influence in a group. We might know him in the form of propaganda. Usually, this is done for the benefit of a particular group in influencing the masses in large numbers.

– Entertainment
Information can also have the nature of entertainment. Even mild news or comedy shows are an entertaining form of information. With the information in mass communication, one can search for certain entertainment needs.

– Education
Education is a function of information that can be found in mass communication, especially in the context of education. This is no doubt because we also usually get it while in school.

With the information functions, we provide a place to find information in the form of articles. Starting from light information to weight. Articles on this website include all types of information needed. To facilitate information search, we divide it into five general categories, namely entertainment, technology, lifestyle, health, finance, and business. We feel that these five categories meet the information needs that society wants.

In the entertainment section, you will find light information that can entertain you. Usually contains review articles of films, books, songs, or news from famous artists. Entertainment is more suitable to read when you have free time and relax. While in the health department, you will find tips and tricks for living a healthy life. Medical developments from various countries will also be updated in this section. Health will usually coexist with lifestyle. In the lifestyle section, you will find many articles to live a simple healthy life. Not only that, for those of you who like a luxury lifestyle for health, you can also find it here.

Technology will provide information on technological developments from all countries. Starting from simple technology to the most complicated. Much sought information is usually about the development of gadgets. Gadgets are able to provide new innovations in a short time.

Finally, the finance and business section will help you grow your business gradually. You can also find currency exchange rates here. Do not miss articles on economic development from various countries to help you understand the state of other countries.

Those are the five types of article information available on our website. But we believe, these five themes can provide a lot of information.