3 Reasons why Marvel Studios Movies are always so good

Marvel Studios cannot be denied, Marvel Studios dominate the Hollywood market in through the film in the last 10 years. By relying on Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel continues to defeat other superhero franchises at the box office.

So what are the factors that make Marvel movies always sell well in the market? Here are 3 reasons:

1.Each Movie Feels Unique

One of the common comments commonly encountered on Marvel movies before the Avengers appears is always sticking to the old formula. Although Marvel did not completely abandon the formula for success, they did not hesitate to experiment with their superhero movies with different genres and give each director the freedom to show his style.

Peter Quill and the other guardians look stunning with comedy formula and music selection. James Gunn also continued the trend in the second film and still achieve great success. Meanwhile, Jon Watts makes Spider-Man: Homecoming is closer to young people today.

This factor became one of Marvel’s success formula during this time. By comparison, Paramount looks stuck and does not develop with its Transformers movies. While Disney is running out of mind to find interesting things from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise other than his Jack Sparrow.

2. Try Young Director

Kevin Feige, Marvel boss, has no qualms at all to attract young directors into his superhero movies. Taika Waititi, Jon Watts, and James Gunn are young directors whose work has never penetrated millions of dollars on the market.

Surprisingly, the gambling done by Feige has always been successful. With the freedom given by him, these young directors get a good space to develop into a great director even through superhero movies.

3. New Marketing Method

The uniqueness of Marvel films will not work if not supported by the marketing team’s marketing skills. Three Marvel movies this year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the last Thor movie before the infinity war able to break the figure above USD100 million in the opening. This proves that the marketing strategy is done right.

Thor: Ragnarok, for example, does not hesitate to display the battle between Thor and Hulk in his trailer video. In addition, funny scenes in the trailer show that the film will use more comedic approaches.

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